People There Should Be More Of

Yesterday’s post was about people who should drop off the face of the earth (and after watching the news this morning, I can think of 8 more who need to join the list) so I wanted to mention people there need to be more of.

George Clooney

We all know I love him, he is gorgeous and sexy.  Nuff said!

The Obamas

Whatever you feel about his presidency, their overall message is a good one.  Change is good and if you put your mind to something, you can do it.  We need to do more for others and national service and helping your fellow man is never a bad thing.


While I am not the biggest Oprah fan myself, she does a lot of good.  When I watched part 967 of her farewell special, there was one point where all of the African American men who received a scholarship through her flooded the stage and I could not stop crying.  She changed the lives of over 400 men who came form bad neighborhoods by giving them the opportunity to go to college.  This was probably the only time in the whole special that Oprah wept uncontrollably.  You can tell that was her proudest moment.

Jennifer Garner

What can I say?  I have a total girl crush on her!  She’s hot and she’s ripped!

Ellen DeGeneres

She fights for equality among Americans, gay or straight and seeks to end injustices by talking about them and not sweeping them under the rug.


I know I am a Gleek, and I do love to watch the show for entertainment value, but I think it is teaching the world so much more.  Sure its glorified and glamorized, but the issues in that show are real issues in the world today.  There are thousands of gay teens being tortured daily.  There are thousands of less popular kids who have to go to school and deal with the laughter, the pointing and the staring.  The show really does follow real world issues and is eye opening to the problems that kids are dealing with today.

Dan Savage

You  may not know this name, but he is the man who started the It Gets Better project.  You may have seen the commercials on TV of celebrities, the President, and others stating- It Gets Better.  He put a voice to millions of gay youth in hopes of decreasing the gay teen suicide rate.

Whatever your beliefs and ideals are, across the board, the people on this list are trying to save the world, one person at a time and I can’t think of a better reason to celebrate these people.


2 Responses to “People There Should Be More Of”

  1. 1 johncerickson August 12, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    Two votes for me. First, Dr. Michio Kaku. He’s an award-winning physicist who can make any science, no matter how dry and boring, sound interesting. He’s THE science guy of the Discovery Channel, and Friend Of The Show on the Colbert Report.
    Second, a combo vote for the Daily Show/Colbert Report combo of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Some of the best news reporting, combined with great doses of humour, and occasional strong emotion (Jon Stewart on the 9/11 clean-up workers’ cause, Stephen Colbert and his military roadshows). A wonderful counterpoint to the often depressing drone of news.
    Honourary mention to Aaron Heslehurst and Monika Jones. Aaron does the business reporting for the Beeb, and like Dr. Kaku, can make any confusing business situation perfectly comprehensible. Ditto for Monika, on Deutsche-Welle TV News, plus she’s VERY easy on the eyes with the sexiest hint of German accent.
    And special honourary mention for Sabine Schmitz. My greatest respect if you know her name offhand!😀

  2. 2 Coretta's Elegant Events August 12, 2011 at 12:39 pm

    I have to agree with John’s additions of The Daily Show/Colbert Report Combo, but I think you have a pretty good list going on here!

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