Though there will be many people mentioned (against their will) in this blog, these are the most important and the one’s I hold near and dear, even though sometime I would like them to be few and far-between!

Eric (AKA- Ek, Ek-Ek, Noggin Drill, Brother)- my first born. He’s 4and the size of a 6 year old. He’s funny, smart, and an all around good kid.

Allison (AKA Ally, Ally-hi and Ally-lo, Sissy, Ally-Qaeda)- my second and last born. Two and a half years old and also huge- a regular baby Huey. Strong-willed and adorable. Sweet with a touch of evil on the side. Silly and sassy, but don’t cross her or get in her way. If you hear screaming and don’t know where it comes from, assume it’s her. 1st runner up to her daddy as a champion tooter.

The Hubs– my main squeeze. A firefighter, softball player, avid sportsman, workout enthusiast, obsessive compulsive cleaner and champion farter. And tall, dark, and handsome (thrown in just in case he reads this! Love you Babe!).

Scooter the Cat (AKA Shapu, Dumbass, Stupid, Yoda)- my first child. A feral kitty, male orange tabby. 6 years old and lucky to have all 9 lives due to his enormous stupidity (he has taken flying leaps into walls for unexplained reasons). He can jump on top of doors, blows out his fanny regularly, and drools like a mastiff. Great for cuddling, but a tad psycho.

2 Responses to “My People”

  1. 1 Linda November 16, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    Those are some wild descriptions!

  2. 2 Barbie December 13, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    My hubs is ALSO a champion farter! In fact we just had a fight about that the other day as he couldn’t seem to keep from farting as he video taped me doing a DYI project for my new website / blog. I don’t know how to edit much yet and it really pissed me off! LOL I have the whole annoyance on tape! I will definitely NOT be able to use it for the DYI project but it IS pretty hilarious for the argument part! LOL

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