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Where Have I Been?

I took a little break. I’ve been exhausted. I currently have four jobs, although the worst one is going to end on Wednesday! I will be done working for the place that has sucked the life out of me for FIVE years! I can’t wait to walk my computer back into the office and walk out without a care in the world!!!

My new job is great. I teach one on one (online) for a total of 7 hours a week and am making a boatload more than I used to! So much more, that I might be able to quit grading the papers of illiterates! We’ll have to see- my husband is still stingy, so that might not fly!

While I have been working four jobs (2 teaching, 1 grading papers, 1 teaching exercise), I have been exhausted. Last week was better because I didn’t have to grade papers, but I have been BEAT! Because I am working for my old boss now, she trusts me to do more than some others in my same position and has had me help out a little, which is great that she trusts me, but has made for some very late nights.

On top of that, my hip has been killing me! I finally got straight what I need to do for a second opinion, and got referred to the doctor I wanted. It’s started to hurt a lot. Hurts to walk, hurts to sleep, sit, stand…lots of fun. I even stopped exercising. I took about 8 days off and it hurts even more. Now I am only teaching my classes and walking. Nothing else til I get it resolved. Everyone tells me it’s a hip flexor, but I think it’s labrum. Honestly, I would be happy to have surgery if that means it goes away. It’s starting to become a nuisance and I have worked to hard to achieve my level of fitness and am not happy to have to stop.

I finally got the referral for my skin cancer (because that seemed like the perfect procedure for the doctors office to forget to refer me for) and I have to make my appointment to get carved up. I should do it before Halloween and hand out candy and scare the kids. I have to have a Moh’s procedure on my face and hope its not too big, because the damn biopsy is almost gone and now I get to scar again.

And lastly- I may have volunteered to teach Sunday school. I’m not sure. I’m not bible smart- but it would just be to preschool kids (my own son included). We’ll see if they take me up on it!

I hope to write this week, but it might not happen. I’ll keep you hanging in suspense!:)

A Case of the Mondays

Never has a movie resonated with me more than Office Space.  I really want to take my computer out to a field with a baseball bat and beat the shit out of it.  Nothing would make me happier.  I am really jealous of The Good Greatsby for annihilating his printer in such a manner.

I went to bed at 9 last night because I am exhausted from working from the time I get up until the time I go to bed (which is usually 3 hours later than it should be) and dealing with the terrible two’s AND the terrible three’s. I woke up and am still tired.  I actually think I am slipping into a depression (or a funk) about this job.  I HATE IT.  I have never been so miserable and I am frustrated that my husband would rather have the little money I make than see me in a good mood.

Fios is being installed in my neighborhood currently, which means jackhammers, steam rollers, diggers, big trucks and LOTS of noise.  The kids love it, but hearing a jack hammer for several hours a day rattles a persons nerves.

I’ll stop complaining one of these days.

Movin’ On Up

I got promoted!  FINALLY!  I did it.  It’s not the promotion I wanted the most, but I applied for both and was happy to get one.  I am going to be the teacher trainer at my job.  It should be interesting and is going to be hard work, but I think I will enjoy it.  My summer is cut short by one week, but I suppose I can live with that.  I am working my ass off part time this summer too- not really happy about it, but a lot easier than watching my husband pace as he worries about money (annoying- we are FINE).  I decided to sacrifice and just work.  AND I get to get out of the house once a week and actually go into my office!  That will be nice- I am guaranteed one day a week to be showered and dressed!

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I’m Cured!!!

All I have to do is wake up in the morning and there is fuel for my fodder!

Things in the news this am…

JetBlue flight attendant quits in the best way ever! Good for him for yelling at the douchebag who hit him in the head with luggage.  I’m sure it was an accident, but the least the passenger could do is apologize- you can see the injury on the flight attendant’s head as he is being lead away in handcuffs.  After a profanity-laced ‘resignation’ speech over the intercom, he grabbed a beer from the beverage cart, deployed the emergency exit slide (you know he has wanted to do that for years) and with a “toodaloo mother f-ers” ran to his car and headed home.  My favorite part of all this is the smirk on his face while being taken into custody by police.  My guess is that he knows he is the poster boy for all who want to tell the boss to take the job and shove it up their ass.  I think I would be smirking too.  The possibility of jail time and the fact that he is no longer a desirable job candidate might make him a little sad over time, but what a way to go out!

Angry woman smashes McDonald’s window because they are serving breakfast and she can’t get her nugget fix.  White trash alert!  A woman in the drive-thru at McDonalds become enraged when she can’t order chicken mcnuggets.  She gets out of her car and starts smacking the worker at the window, who (smartly) closes the window.  The white trash lady then smashes the drive-thru window.  Seriously?  Chicken mcnuggets aren’t that good.  Way to go drunk ass!  My favorite part of this news story is that drunk chick has a friend who is defending her actions.  “If McDonalds had handled it better, I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened.  I would be mad too.”  Yes that is a quote.  Let’s analyze the ways McDonalds could have handled it better than the “I’m sorry it’s breakfast and we aren’t serving chicken mcnuggets right now.”  I just can’t think of anything better than that other than “bitch get your drunk ass out of my window before I scald you with hot coffee!”  The McDonald’s employee practiced great restraint and should get free nuggets for life!

and last but not least- Levi Johnston, ex main squeeze of Bristol Palin, is running for Mayor in Wasilla, Alaska. Why are all the wackos in Alaska?  My husband was born there and my in-laws lived there for years and they are perfectly normal people.  What the heck?  Let’s back up…first Levi and Bristol announce their engagement via UsWeekly Magazine (and I am an avid reader and subscriber so I know this to be true), the next week they defend their unsupported engagement again via UsWeekly, only to announce the next week that they are no longer engaged.  So, the poster boy for premarital sex and boy toy who may have single-handedly ruined Sarah Palin’s campaign for VP (let’s face it, she ruined it all by herself- she should have just handed the key to the Oval Office to Obama) wants to run a town.  Here’s the scary part- he will probably make it!  Good ol’ Wasilla, Alaska is in for it now!  Not only is Levi trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame with a reality show around his bid for Mayor, I’m pretty sure he is completely uneducated.  He might have a GED, but according to my UsWeekly- one of Bristol’s requirements was that he work on his ‘education’ so I don’t think he does.  I am educated and hold two teaching credentials and I had to take accounting twice in college…how is no high school diploma, meat-head, sex-toy Levi going to balance the books in Wasilla?  Is he going to have to take his shoes off so he can count on his fingers and toes?  The world waits with bated breath for this train wreck to occur!

Homework assignment: If you were going to quit your job as famously as the Jet Blue employee, how would you do it?  Leave me a comment!  I would love to hear it!

My job gives me a laptop computer, printer and 5 bankers boxes of text books.  I would shred each book into pieces and confetti the place while my laptop and printer are printing out 50 copies of  “I QUIT!”

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